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Get Noticed With Quality Printing For Your Brand

Printed to meet your logo and custom needs

The print method that we choose to use has our 100% stamp of approval…. Dye Sublimation – a bit of a mouthful right, well, it’s actually quite simple. It’s the method of using heat to transfer dye to fabric – it’s quick, effective and smudge-resistant. The inks used are designed to imprint on fabric and […]


Get Time Saving Ideas For Your Events

We know you have enough to worry about when planning your event but much like the weather, sky-high costs and last minute surprises can really rain on your parade. Our products benefit you and your business by offering one unique ingredient: the gift of time. Because we’re constantly working hard to make our structures affordable […]


4 Ways We Help You Stand Out From The Crowd

Australian Open 2015 in Manly, NSW, Australia

The truth is, when presented with a new brief, a new client or a new event challenge (aren’t they all challenging?) you find yourself at a cross road. At this point, the question is always: A) do we take the road where things have always been done the same way, or B) opt for the […]


Repurposed Shipping Containers, Plus Stretch Marquees, Equal Fast And Easy Fun

Recycled, up-cycled or re-purposed shipping containers have been popping up all over the world as homes, offices, mini stores, and more—and for good reason. Their durability, flexibility, ready-to-use construction, modern looks and industrial feel make them easy to set up, pleasing to the eye, and relatively inexpensive, when compared to other traditional building methods. And when you take all […]


Inflatable Shapes- get noticed!

Telstra Inflatable Dome2-001

The only limitation is your imagination We all know that the Events world is fiercely competitive and the pressure is on to play the ace when it comes to one-upmanship. Are you searching for something spectacular for your next event? We’ve set our sights on a range of outstanding inflatable structures and lights that could […]


Festival Fascinations

Stretch tent with truss stage

Music to our ears… Music festivals are at an all time high. If it’s bespoke entertainment that makes your music festival experience unique and memorable, then these guys are playing your tune! It’s at these events that you really see how the event organizers and coordinators have applied themselves. They’ve got you covered and have […]


Wedded Bliss – which 2016 trends will inspire you!

Wedding marquee

It’s amazing how trends evolve over the years. Just when you think every last inspirational idea has been thought up, along comes something new and, without question – beautiful, ready for you to take and make your own. We’ve picked a few of our favourite styles that are trending in 2016 – we think you’ll […]


A ballast guide

Australian Open 2015 in Manly, NSW, Australia

Definition: `Heavy material, such as gravel, sand, iron or lead, placed low on a structure to improve its stability. Something that gives stability or substance’. For safe use, any environmentally susceptible structure should be anchored to the surface on which it has been installed. Variables such as environmental aggressors (wind and rain), engineering criteria (mainstay horizontal […]


Events with Attitude in 2016


Happy New Year! Yes, we know we’re a little late, but happy 2016! Now, we won’t start asking the usual questions: Set any goals for the year? Turning over a new leaf? And you don’t even want to know what we think of New Years Resolutions! Suffice to say that we are more the esoteric-type […]


A word from our customers: Flo the Coffee Van

Flo photo

AN ADVENTURE TO THE ISLE OF MAN, UK  It all starts with a concept. Being able to identify a gap in the market that can be filled by a new business, a concept that is hopefully unique, perhaps even quirky, that provides a product or service, or both! You don’t need to be a mind […]


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