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Fixing a Stretch Tent to Concrete and Walls

Stretch Tent attached to concrete floor.png

We all know how quick and simple stretch tents are to set up on grass. Lay your stretch tent out, determine where the pegs go and in no time they’re in the ground and your stretch tent is starting to take shape! But what happens if it’s on concrete or against a wall? Well, believe […]


AXIONS 101: A word from the Stretch Design & Installation team

Promotional sealed inflatable marketing marquee

When we’re asked for a product that is lightweight, easy to set up, fully brandable, sleek and has that WOW factor, there’s only 1 answer: The AXION Sealed Inflatable range! With sizes 3m x 3m up to 7m x7m it can accommodate any situation. The additional options of walls, visors, floors, LED lights and connection […]


This Versatile Stretch Tent is On The Move

Scallywags Field Good Music Yellow Tent

We recently met a very inspirational client and thought we’d share their story with you. The ultimate travelling band, Good Times Music and The Scallywags run their own event as well as taking their talents to other events around the country. They chose to use a bright yellow Bedouinflex marquee from Stretch Structures because of it’s versatility, flexibility […]


Let’s Hear It For The Workers

Stretch tent

International workers day was celebrated on the 1st of May, so lets hear it for the workers! In this day and age, its essential to look after your team of employees through technology – especially if you have satellite offices around the world. Our bossman, Stuart Johnstone, was interviewed by Felix Thea for a Shopify Masters […]


Inflatable Walls = Healthy Happiness

Inflatable wall with kids playing

World Health Day is on the 7th April and we at Stretch Marquees and Fabric Structures are huge fans of staying fit, healthy and active. That’s why we’re are only too happy to tip our hats to recognizing this years World Health Day. This segways perfectly into us introducing one of our favourite inflatable assets which […]


3D Stretch Tent CAD Designs – How We Can Help You

3D CAD of Stretch Tent

3D inside and out We know there’s a lot of thought that goes into investing in one of our structures. You know you’re getting top quality fabric (because we sent you the samples to feel) and you know you’re getting exactly the design and colour you want (because we sent you the plans and we […]


Breaking News! Extended Fabric Warranty

Fabric swatch

Breaking News: New status awarded to Stretch Marquee and Fabric Structures prestigious fabrics: Stretchflex and Stretchflex Lite. Responsible for being the catalyst in the industries new standard in fabric excellence, Bedouinflex Premium finds itself wearing the crown. Born from that is Stretchflex and Stretchflex Lite which carry the cache of providing the market with affordable, […]


Stretch Fabric from Stretch Structures: Our Secret Weapon

Our secret weapon We believe passionately in our brand and part of the reason for that passion is the fabric we use – our secret weapon. Our fabric range contains 2 unique stretch fabrics designed to suit specific structural needs. Bedouinflex is our premium fabric and it carries a 3 year global waterproofing warranty. The […]


Management + Vision = Goal!

stretch tent truss

Upping your Game Feeling like you keep putting on the same event, over and over again? Have the urge to create something bigger and better? Want to keep up with the latest marketing movements? Leveraging the community aspect of events is your answer! There’s a growing desire of consumers to feel a part of something […]


Truss + Stretch Fabric = WOW!

  Permanent and Semi-Permanent Solutions: We find ourselves in a position to talk seriously for a moment here…. it’s a serious subject matter! Our structures can be installed as permanent or semi-permanent structures. Here’s how: The Truss and Stretch Fabric combination is made of aluminium truss, base plates and screws and a strong, flame retardant […]


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